This artwork contains NSFW variants within the carousel. Proceed at your own risk.

She’ll stop at nothing to get what she wants!

Self Critique: The shading under the knee to our right should’ve maybe spread outward instead of trying to meet at the middle. The skirt on the outside should’ve maybe curved around the hip instead of flowing out.

Addressing: Her shoes. Okay, considering that this takes place in her house in Japan, she shouldn’t be wearing her shoes. When I was drawing her, I was still trying to figure out if this would be in her house or at the All Sports Daily offices. By the time I settled on her bedroom, I was too late to make the change.

I think this marks the first piece of fanart I did based on an anime (other times were either original characters or from videogame). This is Kuniko Kaga, one of the romantic rivals in Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl. She gets introduced a ways into the series as Kosaku Matsuda’s photographer, and my god she is one horny chick! All she ever wants to do is get into Matsuda’s pants. So you knew I was probably gonna draw her. I almost reconsidered drawing her after how much of a gigantic bitch she becomes during one of the seasons, but I went full-steam ahead anyway. If you guys wanna watch the anime yourself, you’ll have to look it up. It’s available online to view, just be sure you get the one with translations by Live-eviL. There’s another translation that is goddamn sloppy and incoherent. (NOTE: Final episode has an error on Live-EviL’s part, so you’ll have to look up that other sloppy translation for that episode).

Anyway, enough of the anime banter and onto the drawing. When trying to find poses in the Sexual Nude Pose Book I got from J-List some time ago, I found two that I thought I make a drawing out of by incorporating elements from both pose. I made two attempts, and it wasn’t working out. I realized that what I was trying to draw was a physical impossibility, hence why both attempts just looked weird to me. So I settled on a simple M-pose from one of them, with further fixing once I brought the sketch to Clip Studio. Considering how absolutely lewd (for me) I would be making this pic, I was close to not even making THE CLEAN VERSION (In other words, the clean version is the variant). But I decided to do it since I needed one to go up on DeviantArt that’s within the rules (trust me, the others will not/cannot see the light of day on DA).

Moving on to the background, as I mentioned earlier, I was going back and forth between putting her in either her house or at an All Sports Daily office. I settled on the house for the simplicity. Since her house is never really shown in the anime, I had to make one up. It’s funny I picked this setting too since with the previous pic I did, Insomni and Smogmella, was in a more old-school tatami room, and his one is in a modern room. Because of how tedious this was to do on Insomni and Smogmella’s pic, I opened another canvas and drew a tatami pattern that I would then convert to material for reuse should I make more pics in tatami rooms. I did this pattern by drawing 10 lines of the pattern, then duplicating it for the entire canvas. Once it was converted to material, it was a matter of grabbing it off the list and dropping it down on the image and futzing around with the perspective of its layer.

And finally, very early on, for like 2 minutes, I was almost gonna give Kuniko a smart phone for her to do the thing. I did however stop that idea real quick since the anime takes place in the 80s, as would be this pic. So I gave her an old camera with a remote button. Fitting too since she is the photographer, so it could be assumed this is the same camera she rents from All Sports Daily. I also contemplated inserting a photo of the “finished product”, and placing it in the corner but that would require more work to do and I just wanted to be done with this pic.

Done on Clip Studio Paint. Intuos4 tablet used. Pose reference from Sexual Nude Pose Book.
Kuniko Kaga, Yawara!: A Fashionable Judio Girl are (c) Shogakukan (manga), Madhouse and Kitty Films (anime).

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